To Botswana and back

I haven’t been able to access the internet as hoped so reports have been delayed. I took the trip by train to Botswana on the new service, and it appears to be popular with Zimbabweans who wish to replenish stocks of commodities difficult to find in Zimbabwe. Francistown is the second city in Botswana after Gaberone. It has supermarkets and many of the outlets familiar in Europe. Diggers, the hotel is English owned, and the menue would be found in many hotels in the UK. THe reception and restaurant staff are from Botswana and provide a very friendly and efficient service. Africa is evident in road side markets selling a variety of products and providing services such as shoe repair. The town is expanding fast and is evidence of Botswana’s strong economy which has overtaken South Africa.
I’ll be saying more later and adding photos. I have to report on Victoria Falls and the Hwange Game Park.

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