Greetings from Zimbabwe

Hey folks I’m a millionaire – a multi-millionaire in fact in Zimbabwe dollars! I have a fifty thousand dollare note which bought me a post card, so when you receive one from me just remember what it cost.
I arrived yesterday via Frankfurt and Johannesburg. The small aircraft that flew into Bulawayo was met by cousins Juliet and Adrian. I then went on to see my Aunt Kathleen who is now a very sprightly 93. Auntie Kath is my Father’s youngest sister whom I’m hoping to visit a few more times during my two week stay. At the moment there could be trouble fitting this in because tomorrow (21/7/06) I’m going by train to Botswana. Charles, Juliet’s husband, wants to try the new service and in any case shopping promises to be rather less complicated than it is in Zimbabwe. Then there’s a trip to the Hwange Game Park and Victoria Falls, and Great Zimbabwe which I really want to see for myself. Today I visited Chipengai animal sanctuary which has a memorial to Princess Diana. Orphaned and injured and endangered animals are brought here. They are returned to the wild if and when they are fit to do so. There is an excellent schools’ centre.
This is indeed a beautiful country judging from what I’ve seen and it’s people a delight. This was no surprise since I have Zimbabwean friends in the U.K. two of whom helped me set up the Focus on Africa school project in Birmingham in 1986. This incorporated the Commonwealth Institute’s Great Zimbabwe Exhibition.
Since it’s winter the days are a mild 28-30 degrees, a little cooler than the Birmingham I left in summer temperatures.

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