Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse‘s first album was Handsworth Revolution in 1978. It spoke eloquently about Black experience in Britain and Birmingham epitomised by Handsworth. This is another example of the artistic incubator which celebrates the vibrant diversity of the area. Handsworth Revolution also gives testament to the inequalities faced by their communities. Inequalities echoed in the death of Mikey Powell now two years on and still without explanation of how or why he died. There will be a memorial event in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham on 2nd October.
A film has been released about people who have died in police custody. The Mikey Powell Campaign stands in full support of others who have suffered grievous and painful losses in this way.
Steel Pulse is still on the scene as is shown in a recent interview. While injustices continue in our midst a sustained campaign is regrettably still necessary.

Others who have linked with the Mikey Powell Campaign have been Pauline Campbell who has held demonstrations outside prisons every time a woman dies in custody. She has done this since her own daughter, Sarah, died. It is also more than a year since the death of Sheena Kotecha. I have yet to hear of an inquest into that.

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