Caterpillars Kill

16/4/2005. 60 vehicles drove in convoy past the Solihull European HQ of Caterpillar, now the symbol of the unlawful occupation of Palestine by Israel. At the following rally in Victoria Square, Birmingham, a Jewish speaker spoke out against the ongoing terror which the heavily armoured bulldozers engendered in the Palestinian people. Not only are they only the size of a double decker bus and armour plated, they are armed to the teeth carrying guns and grenades. A resolution had been put forward at the share holders meeting – three percent (representing dome 600 million shares) voted for it. These were people objecting to pension funds being invested in Israeli interests. If other similar investors followed the example from California the Israeli Government would have to think again. It is being put about that there is a move towards peace. Mahmoud Abbas has been atempting to hold to a cease fire, but meanwhile Palestinians continue to be killed daily, including many children. The Israeli Government is not the slighest bit interested in peace. The huge wall continues to be built around the Palestinians stopping children going to school and expectant mothers getting to hospital. Not only does this activity break international law, it breaks Israeli law.

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Chris Khamis introduced a number of speakers from political parties and unions. One epeaker who had witnessed the killing of Rachel Corrie gave a message from her parents who are trying to indict Caterpillar for war crimes. They pointed out that many people know the name Rachel Corrie, but they do not know the hundreds of Palestians who have died during house demolitions. Caterpillar claims that it cannot be responsible for what people do with its products after sale. It was noted that the same defence was made at the Nuremburg Trial when the company who manufactured insecticide used for the mass murder of Jewish people, gypsies and those with mental disabilities made the same excuse.
Clare Short spoke of her involvement with Palestine saying that the two state idea was now completely unviable. She was involved in setting up a new organisation to campaign against the demolition of Palestinian homes.
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