A Bethlehem Child’s Dream, 2005

Bethlehem is close to Jerusalem. 2,000 years ago Jesus of Nazareth rode on a donkey between the two on Palm Sunday. Today there is a road block with armed guards and look out towers. When I was there in January 2004, an enormous armoured caterpillar tractor which had just been used to demolish the house of the family of a Palestinian police officer who had blown himself up on a bus in Jerusalem that same morning. In that context the following is a human story of what happened this year.
Needless to say the group were prevented from passing the checkpoint when some 40 Israeli soldiers threatened violence. With children present it was necessary to proceed with caution. We still await the realisation of the Bethlehem child’s dream.
A Bethlehem Child’s Dream of Non-violent Action

Apart from the demolishion of homes, land has been taken from Palestinians unlawfully. Each year there is a symbolic return to occupied land. The follwoing link shows what happend on March 30th this year.
Land Day Commencement in Bethlehem, March 30, 2005
Holy Land Trust
#529 Manger Street
Bethlehem, Palestine
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