Handsworth: an artistic incubator

Handsworth like Harlem in the U.S., has a tradition of inspiring artists arising from the struggle for equality and justice. While a number of people have a considerable record of achievement, it is often understated if not recognised. Birmingham has a habit of ignoring some of its greatest assets.
Vanley Burke has photographed events and recorded social history in Handsworth and Birmingham, although he has also ventured further afield. He visited South Africa after Mandela’s release and made a interesting study at a time of significant social change. Fortunately the City’s Library has created an archive which contains not only Vanley’s work, but also that of others with notable achievements such as Pogus Caesar and Pervaiz Khan

One thought on “Handsworth: an artistic incubator

  1. Shalni

    How well it was organised and was impressed by the level of professional individuals who attended. I wasn’t aware such events took place in out temple, can you please advertise as I know many people who would attend. When is the next one, Big up to the organisers!!!Suky, Birmingham


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